It takes 100,000 flowers to produce 1 Kilo of pure superior quality saffron guaranteed free from alcoholic and animal matter. Saffron is used for colour and flavour in dishes such as khir (Indian rice pudding) Indian sweet dishes and other dishes like biryani, pilav rice etc.  It can also be used in prayer and as herbal medicine.   

Our Ostrich and Kiran brands are renowned in the market as the highest quality saffron.  We have a number of caterers, restaurants and asian sweet retailers that only use and recommend our saffron giving you the assurance that you are buying the best quality. 

  Pan Parag is the world leader in Pan Masala and is recognised the world over. The product itself is a combination of Betel Nuts, Cardamom, Lime, Catechu and Natural perfumes and is used as a mouth freshener or after a meal to aid digestion.  Oasis Wholesalers are the proud sole distributors in the UK appointed by Pan Parag India Ltd. Visit www.panparag.com for more details   
  Our pan mix was specially developed to provide the consumer the taste of “Paan” which can be eaten at home at their pleasure.  Manufactured and packaged at our premises, this product is truly unique in its taste and quality.  As a mouth freshener or eaten after a meal, paan has often accompanied Asian cuisine and now the consumer can have the same taste from our paan mix.  It is available with or without sopari from our retailers and tastes as fresh as eating paan made in front of you. Packaged in an attractive glass bottle this product can be kept in your fridge for freshness  
  We are proudly the sole distributor in the UK of the world famous Fair & Lovely range of creams and lotions.  This product is well admired by the Asian consumer and is one of the market leaders in Asian beauty.   


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